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Play chess of rich of hotel of the China and foreign countries after the Olympic

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Depend on the excellent service that international acknowledge is spent and standardizes, class of foreign capital star interlinked hotel firmly to hold market of Beijing high end, and apartment of type of foreign capital hotel was in look lock surely again market of travel of high-end business affairs, this was compressed further in endowment the vivosphere of the hotel. Incomplete during abstruse meeting, inside the beautiful booth hotel of street of Beijing gold treasure, a few wear an uniform, the hand involves the person of police dog, working busily. Hotel clerk introduces, some nation president is about to stay this hotel, doing the work that install check. Although beautiful booth hotel is in Beijing to greet a visitor have not full a year, but had if,welcomed Portuguese prime minister lustre? ? The high official of more than 20 abroad such as Socrates. Why does foreign high official call in can China choose staying foreign capital more hotel of 5 stars class? Inspector general of department of market of beautiful booth hotel Mr EKC tells a reporter, when foreign high official is choosing a hotel, the international acknowledge that what basically value is a hotel is spent, safeguard of explosion proof safety, 5 stars serve standardization. Additional, the market sale strength of the hotel also is whether attract abroad the main factor that high official and foreign personage enter. Normally, traditional hotel uses GDS (the whole world revises house system) await a client to come, but foreign capital hotel pays attention to the collaboration that waits for an orgnaization with diplomatic mission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs very much, and list its be important sale and the measure that the brand publicizes. Foreign capital hotel the direct result of this kind of practice, enter rate respect to have from its reflect. Although China was restricted during the Olympic Games,come China visa, foreign nationality tourist (blame Olympic Games) enter a country the number steeps fall, but foreign capital hotel enters Beijing area to lead still be as high as 76 % . From 1985 happy event of brand of famous public house comes to international ascend enter Beijing hotel market, after running restaurant of Beijing Great Wall, hilton, Li Ting, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Laifoshi, holiday, Jun Yue, Licikaerdu, brightness fill, hotel of 5 stars class also enters the foreign capital such as imperial crown in succession, the high-end market of industry of hotel of race to control. Through more than 20 years reclaim, global hotel industry 300 strong in, the company that already had more than 10 % enters China, the great majority in them already regarded Chinese market as prospective group to develop the mainest strategy goal. Valueing prospect of market of Chinese high end is the power that foreign capital hotel expands. Face the prospect that begins hotel type apartment in China, gan Zhengan of inspector general of department of sale of market of Beijing brightness Cheng Ge is very hopeful: "China is a state that has 1.3 billion population, the rapid development of commerce, industry drove exuberant poor travel demand, travel sightseeing activity is increasing also. So, market of hotel of our fractionize high end, service at business affairs personage, become the distinguishing feature that belongs to oneself, also hope to be able to develop weller in Chinese market. "   arrives from hotel of 5 stars class hotel type apartment, foreign capital razzias ceaselessly market of Chinese hotel estate, in endowment the vivosphere of the hotel is contracting stage by stage. ECK of chief inspector of market of beautiful booth hotel expresses, at present the competitive pressure of this market basically comes from at foreign capital coequal brand, company of Chinese native land hotel still cannot give company of hotel of foreign capital high end to bring menace. The hot prices that relies on character to serve market of travel of China of   of market of high end of race to control drove the rapid development of hotel industry. World Tourism Organization (WTO) forecast data to show, up to 2015, what China comes before is abroad enter a country passenger of pass the night will amount to 100 million person-time, and domestic tourist also will exceed 2.8 billion person-time. In market of hotel of Chinese high end, foreign capital is firm already controlled half of country. Data shows, up to 2007 the end of the year, beijing owns hotel of 806 stars class in all, among them hotel of 5 stars class 42, hotel of 4 stars class 114, there still was public house of class of more than 20 stars 2008 " embark upon a political venture. ECK expresses: "At present competitive pressure basically originates foreign capital brand, company of Chinese native land hotel did not bring pressure to foreign capital. Because company of foreign capital hotel manages acknowledge of configuration, brand to spend in hardware establishment, software,basically be wait for a respect very powerful. "   as we have learned, cost of form a complete set of hardware of every guest room is in 4 astral class public houses of domestic basically 10 thousand dollars of 5~8, and cost of hotel of 5 stars class is in 10 thousand dollars of 10~13. Eliminate costs installation of huge hardware form a complete set, the personage inside course of study thinks, in endowment the biggest difference of hotel company and company of foreign capital hotel or service consciousness problem. ECK expresses, the service of 5 stars class has standard flow, the hotel of 5 stars class of common tradition deploys a staff for every guest, and Li Ting deploys 1.2 people for every guest, meet more considerate service guest so. From the door child, greet guest, downstage, lift attendant, guest room to serve personnel to wait a moment, the hotel asks all employee smiling face welcomes a person, use up oneself hard to reach the guest's requirement. Hotel service tenet is to did not appeal to hear first, did not ask prophet. Rate service quality the collective place that the first place is hotel of class of star of all foreign capital almost. Same, the service quality to serving personnel has public house of each foreign capital respective award penalizes an institution. According to Li Ting hotel clerk discloses, beautiful booth hotel is begun all the time groom successionally, groom cent grooms for the company and the branch grooms. Hotel classics regular meeting develops service contest activity, agonistic performance is good person, the hotel can have corresponding money reward. Additional on one hand, in real work, if employee receives a client twice to praise, can join " club of Li Tingyu guest " , if performance is more outstanding person organic meeting is joined " club of Li Ting sapphirine " , rising faster praise is more also end of the year. ECK says: "The guest serves personnel to complain to the hotel, if be skill problem,we can clutch of this service personnel groom, if be attitude issue, appear twice the manner is complained be about to end contract of service. "   digs blank domain Suo Dingxin's client group hotel of   foreign capital is in acknowledge of international of establishment of software service, hardware, brand is spent in waiting for a respect to give endowment the hotel brought enormous competitive pressure. Latter is rapid also made response, be certain foreign capital is luxurious between hotel and native land economy hotel, and international brand hotel have not the blank domain of sortie. Found a state Zhang Rungang of hotel group president ever expressed: "Make strong brand and the fundamental choice that seek to locate now is indigenous industry definitely, found a state the fixed position of the hotel is ' 4 add 5 decrease, ' compare 4 stars level namely tall, lower than 5 stars class. "   but in endowment the hotel appears oversight an important client group: Business affairs personage. And it is OK that this gave foreign capital hotel space of market of a blank race to control. Type of the 2nd big public house manages Singapore group brightness fills international is among them one of. This company is in not long ago Beijing made a banner issue tall terminal brand-----Beijing brightness fills cabinet international boarding house. Ever entered brightness the Cynthia of foreign nationality client of apartment of type of hotel flourishing cabinet tells a reporter: "American head office sends me to have by a definite date to China the study of 2 months. I choose hotel type apartment basically is to see traffic facilitate, and offer the establishment such as washing machine and kitchen for long-term habitant brought advantage to the life. The hotel type apartment that what make me excited especially is quality of 5 stars level can organize the client field outing that lives for a long time, shop wait for an activity, such I won't alone, can know a lot of friends that come from different country. "   brightness Cheng Ge is in optional location at the beginning of, undertook making an on-the-spot investigation seriously to particular situation, from road transportation, city the respect such as demand of development program, client undertakes investigating, the mobile place that periphery has how many high-grade office building, high-grade bazaar, large meeting to exhibit the need such as the center to offer accommodation to serve, provide the safeguard of turnover to dig potential and high-grade passenger source. Gan Zhengan introduces: "Our hotel Ceng Zhen is in to be away on official business for a long time because of business China personnel has done public opinion poll, apartment of type of hotel of metropolis first selection enters the visitor that discovers 75 % above. " apartment of   hotel type is hotel type service, apartment type manages, product configuration has alone hutch to protect a design. Hotel type apartment is located in urban business to center an area mostly, main passenger source is course of study of condition foreign enterprise, transnational corporation is medium be stationed in Chinese person for a long time, data shows, the client of above of living a week occupies 80 % left and right sides. Gan Zhengan expresses, according to the demand of the market and client different market also is in fractionize. Compare with photograph of traditional astral class hotel, they take those gorgeous ostentation and extravagance seriously not quite, want to win a guest with more close service however. Gan Zhengan introduces: "Brightness Singapore is belonged to below Cheng Ge brightness Cheng Ji is round, to employee grooming often is not to time the ground is begun, and Singapore head office can share other child of the brand groom data and share working experience, groom to the service consciousness of employee so have very big promotion effect. " he introduces, its ask to serving the quality of personnel very strict also, if ever was entered,live only the guest of the hotel, next time reentry lives, hotel service personnel will be accurate without by accident appellation his full name, let a guest have the feeling of guests feel at home so. Additional, once a personage of foreign nationality business affairs enters a public house, because Beijing climate is burning hot, personnel of a service is aware guest complexion is a bit incorrect, sent cool and refreshing tea in time, remind a guest to want to notice the body, if be in Beijing to need to see a doctor, can inform he goes arranging. Such subtle service got the guest is approbated.

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