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Liuzhou city undertakes assess afresh to restaurant of 5 stars class

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Recently, liuzhou city undertakes assess afresh to restaurant of 5 stars class, liuzhou guesthouse, medium hand in guesthouse of steel of big public house, day dragon big public house, willow 4 travel restaurant passes assess, before 2 continue to keep current the level of SamSung, hind 2 level that maintain 2 stars. Because Zhongshan edifice is put in hardware to be short of, defer to be evaluated through SamSung level, deadline is rectified and reform, whole change the date is 4 months, wait for rectify and reform after ending new assess.

Liuzhou city has astral class hotel to add up to at present 22, according to the country " of class of travel hotel star delimit dispenses assess " standard, the astral class hotel that orgnaization of assess of Fan Jingxing class approves, can enjoy 5 years of significant star step and its mark access. Afore-mentioned restaurant register a particle full already 5 years, this city concerns a provision according to the municipality, bring commission of assess of class of star of hotel of travel of city of the North sea, undertook weighing judging to 5 travel restaurant. To receive this assess, big public house of dragon of Liuzhou guesthouse, day adds up to throw nearly 8 million yuan, undertook transforming updating to partial establishment, liuzhou guesthouse is transformed in guest room on, added room of administrative floor, environmental protection floor, female guest, stressed hotel individuation service, amount to mark smoothly finally.

This new assess, also exposed restaurant of Liuzhou city travel to manage the inadequacy that still exists: The establishment inside some hotel assembly room and business affairs center is deployed wait for hardware existence to be short of; Some restaurant management systems are non-standard, diseased, manage system stale; Some restaurant are communal graphic symbol is non-standard; Some restaurant administrator and other employee are worn outfit is non-standard, divisional not apparent; Some restaurant serve a function to do not deserve to cover, service project is not all ready, existing hardware establishment some did not get be maintaininged in time, maintain, the facilities facilities of hotel of partial SamSung class already ageing is waited a moment.

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