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Meal grade assess 4 hotels admire 5 " auger "

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With a few " star " the level of hotel social estate that is mark has been everybody hep, assess orgnaization was rolled out again related the country this year with " auger " the grade system of the pure meal enterprise that is mark, announced recently first " 5 get degree " (the state is super) in wineshop hotel list, how does the our city collect big public house of brilliant of hotel of big public house, fine time big public house, Beijing University of short for Zhejiang Province, day to receive in glory in auspicious " 5 get degree " hotel. In addition, small Shaoxing rice wine the home is judged to be " 4 get degree " wineshop (country) of one class wineshop.

It is reported, be being chosen this is home undertakes to meal enterprise classify rates systematically first. 4 hotels of our city are worn at the same time " 5 auger " mark, no matter the meal business that reflects district of city giving a lake is in the respect such as management of Wu of kimono of quality of operation, dish had higher level.

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