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Check of class of star of Beijing tourism bureau 26 restaurant by " pick a bit "

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Damaged of facilities facilities stale serious, service is poorer, safe management is non-standard wait for a reason, make this city China the restaurant of 26 stars class such as restaurant of Beijing University hotel, Long Tan by " pick a bit " .

On August 8, beijing tourism bureau released result of check of astral class restaurant, cancelled the astral class qualification of 26 restaurant. Among them, the restaurant of SamSung class includes: Of sunny area China guesthouse of put oneself in another's position of restaurant of pool of Beijing University hotel, dragon, industry; East guesthouse of emerald green Mingzhuang of the city zone 9; Restaurant of 2 stars class includes: Front door is new restaurant of guesthouse of new hotel, restaurant of garden of Hao of the Temple of Heaven, Longshan, brilliance 15; Mountain villa of phoenix of restaurant of two one star and center of drive center conference also were cancelled astral class. Be picked to these restaurant astral reason, when chief is accepting a reporter to interview related city tourism bureau, say, because decorate close down and change to manage property; Damaged of facilities facilities stale is serious; The service is poorer; Safety administration is non-standard wait for a reason, make these restaurant fail to reach astral grade level.

In addition, city tourism bureau is right still the restaurant that 11 management and service respect put in more question gives oral warning. Among them, restaurant of 4 stars class 3, they are: Rich come Gong Wenquan goes vacationing village, medium big public house of abundant century restaurant and Jin Taihai rich. The 8 SamSung restaurant such as house of Yuan Bin of restaurant of Hubei edifice, sea spy, north also amid.

The restaurant with the poorer respect such as 7 management, service, sanitation was offerred notice of criticism yesterday. The restaurant that is criticized is SamSung class restaurant entirely. Include: Found a state a maple garden guesthouse, Ning Yang is big public house, violet restaurant of Jin Moshou palace, Yue is big edifice of center of profit of hotel, great, Zhang Qiu edifice and labor edifice.

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