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Shang Qiu: Check of astral class restaurant actors or actress 1 is differred 3 t

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The reporter learns from bureau of tourism of business grave city yesterday, examination of job of check of restaurant of class of 2006 year star has announced the our city as a result. In restaurant of class of 12 travel stars of our city, 11 passed check, among them big public house of 3 Qiu Bin houses, sky and achievement of check of Dong Yuanbin house are outstanding, because guesthouse of emerald green center did not achieve the punishment that standard of astral class restaurant got deadline is rectified and reform.

As we have learned, to improve the service quality of astral class restaurant and level of management, promote Shang Qiu the integral class of hotel industry in the round, according to Henan province tourism bureau concerns the working requirement of check of astral class restaurant, city tourism bureau travels to the our city at coming 28 days on November 20 astral class restaurant began work of check of restaurant of class of 2006 year star. From the point of check result, 2006 year develop restaurant of class of our city star the look of things is good, hardware construction, software grooms had very big rise, but the issue of existence is very outstanding also. Be like: Facilities of hotel of class of star of partial old brand is obsolete, damaged is serious, historical burden is heavy, managed the situation that is afterwards hard; Management of restaurant of partial star class is opposite better, but employee number slants little bring about employee excessive exhaustion, service quality drops, facilities facilities safeguards not do one's best; Each restaurant serves horizontal hoist speed to cannot catch up with hardware investment to transform speed.

Because check achievement is outstanding, 3 Qiu Bin houses are judged to be 2006 year of our city guesthouse of optimal star class, sky big public house and Dong Yuanbin house are judged to be 2006 year of our city guesthouse of class of fine heavenly body. Guesthouse of emerald green center because astral class consciousness is thin, negligence employee grooms and software is built, serve quality coast, lag of facilities facilities maintenance, level of distance star grade already had certain difference, the punishment that got deadline is rectified and reform.

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