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Astral class restaurant has 5 kinds of case to will be fallen star or pick a bit

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Yesterday (11) day, the reporter learns from city tourism bureau, job of check of year of restaurant of class of our city star already spread out a few days ago, check works will according to the country " of class of travel hotel star delimit dispenses assess " with travel occupation standard " standard of investigate of astral class restaurant " by the careful inside restaurant of each star class member check first, selective examination through the means such as observe publicly and investigate privately by orgnaization of assess of restaurant of class of corresponding travel star again check and accept.

As we have learned, the check job this year will serve chapter of quality, secure job, abide by to defend discipline, sincere letter to manage with restaurant for the key, from severe guard a pass. Every has following one of 5 kinds of case uniform submit to orgnaization of assess of corresponding star class gives fall star or the processing that pick a bit: Soft hardware level and standard difference are bigger; Get inside year

Twice above administration punishs travel management department; Because manage service issue to cause malign complain; Great and safe hidden trouble appears inside year and short-term inside cannot rectify and reform; Disobedient travel industry manages refus, industry of serious disturbed travel manages order.

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