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Anhui star commissioner undertakes assess to urban holiday hotel

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Recently, group of group of assess of restaurant of travel of stage of SamSung of hotel of holiday of city of the commissioner that save a bit is saving deputy director general of tourism bureau Chen Lei guide come down to could there be country, achieve work of hotel of SamSung stage travel to undertake assess to urban holiday hotel, this is peaceful state city accelerates travel economy development further, raise travel to recieve ability and level, accelerate brand of restaurant of travel star class to build the another serious work that does. The city leadership such as Zhang Xianna of peaceful state city, Hu Deren accompanied assess group group early or late. Sectional chief played assess to meet related city of announce city, peaceful state.

Urban holiday hotel is located in the city zone of peaceful state city flourishing a sector of an area, establishment is perfect, the service is good; This inn answers management department call actively, submitted application report of restaurant of SamSung stage travel. City tourism bureau travels strictly according to SamSung class restaurant criterion for evaluation undertook for many times checking to its, supervise and urge, put forward a lot of rectify and reform opinion and proposal. The hotel throws a large number of rectifying and reform early or late capital, undertook to hardware and software establishment large-scale project is transformed, raised a public house all sorts of facilities facilities class and integrated grade, served a level to go up one big steps leading up to a house. Assess group feedbacks through listening to report, on-the-spot examination, communication wait for a variety of forms, to urban holiday hotel each founded the job to have all-around, depth second make an on-the-spot investigation and assess, undertake grading seriously according to the standard. Can go up in held assess, expert group is right restaurant of travel of stage of SamSung of hotel of holiday of town of peaceful state city is contended for achieved the job to offer sufficient affirmation, think this hotel founds the job meticulous, establish atmosphere good, rectify and reform effect ideal. Expert group pointed out the problem of existence and inadequacy clearly also at the same time.

Feedback is met on, wang Lingxiang of director of bureau of tourism of peaceful state city makes a speech, hu Deren speaks, his representing municipal government thankses to the plod of expert group group, after introducing peaceful state city to contend for the relevant job of restaurant of the class that achieve a bit, state peaceful state city will be chance with this assess, sum up experience seriously, increase travel industry standard to manage strength ceaselessly, industry of hotel of travel of city of stimulative peace state grows to development of astral stage direction, make travel of peaceful state city recieves a level to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

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