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Guangxi: Astral class mark cannot be used casually

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The hotel is judged on after astral class, it is OK to be not meant follow one's inclinations treat astral class to indicate. A few days ago, city tourism bureau, industrial and commercial bureau began Nanning to risk hotel of the class that use a heavenly body illegally to indicate jointly special inspection, in the hotel that does not have astral grade name in 6 when be checked, 4 hotels existence has the action of misdirect consumer. Most those who let check personnel to feel accident is, in 6 hotels that accept an inspection, unexpectedly 5 hotels set the service point that is engaged in travel seeking advice with travel agent name, but all did not deal with industrial and commercial register formalities. To this, bureau of Guangxi area tourism issues an announcement, the series problem that exists at present in the light of hotel of partial star class had limit, the hope establishs the sincere letter with favorable hotel of Guangxi star class to manage service image further, consolidate and promote the industry of astral class hotel the brand.

4 hotels are suspected of risking mark of the class that use a heavenly body

The Nanning city the first station of special to risking hotel of the class that use a heavenly body illegally to indicate inspection, it is to be fond of meet big public house. Inspection team sees outside, the design of the stickup hotel on fashionable exterior wall indicates, design lower part side by side 4 Chinese redbud are beautiful, look to resemble 4 stars from far, the sign with hotel of 4 stars class is very similar. Although the conduct propaganda of this hotel book wait above not so-called the false conduct propaganda of 4 stars class, but in the hotel and other places of 12 buildings assembly room indicates a shop sign stickuply above, hotel design indicates the flower of 4 Chinese redbud of lower part became 4 stars. Examination staff pointed out behavior of this one violate the rules and regulations at once, hotel clerk undertook rectifying and reform immediately.

Inspection team checks 5 hotels again next, among them Ma Kebo collect the is suspected of risking the class that use a heavenly body to indicate action that hotel of imperial crown of He Kaibin of big public house of international of ground of holiday hotel, Jin Man has different rate. In Ma Kebo collect on the vitreous door that holiday hotel entrance handles, also have the sign of 4 stars originally, the likelihood is sensory misgivings, already used paper to build 4 heavenly bodies now, but there still is 4 stars symbol on outer packing of the tariff of the hotel, conduct propaganda book, things that wash gargle, the hairdressing beauty parlor that is set in first floor repeatedly made same mark on the brand. Hotel of triumphant guest imperial crown also is on outer packing of the propagandist book, things that wash gargle the mark that made 4 stars. Big public house of international of golden full ground registered 4 particles on the big shop sign of roof upper part even.
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