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Check of class of Hubei province star 38 restaurant are cancelled astral class

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A few days ago, net of Hubei travel government affairs is reported, hubei province and committee of assess of class of star of hotel of travel of each city state save restaurant of 268 stars class to have review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court of sex of 2006 year assess to me, through strict check examination, share restaurant of 213 stars class to pass check, 38 restaurant are cancelled astral class, 17 restaurant defer to pass check.

As we have learned, pass this assess, the restaurant list of class of star be cancellinged is, samSung class (8) : Lake of Hubei Chinese in relief lotus goes vacationing village, big public house of red broomcorn of river summer area, in Wuhan inferior big public house, 3 gorge hotel of Yichang town, guesthouse of willow forest of 10 lasher city, big public house of blue field of chaste tree state, stone of chaste tree city head guesthouse, assist fencing city is silver-colored guesthouse.

2 stars class (27) : Wuhan is postal guesthouse, in relief mountain villa of fleabane of Cai pasture area, cai pasture area builds new big public house, big public house of Yichang city sunshine, mountain villa big public house (Yichang) , restaurant encloseds ground for growing trees east (Yichang) , dong Xin big public house (Yichang) , gorge smooth restaurant (Yichang) , day salary guesthouse (Yichang) , get guesthouse of the palace of the moon (Yichang) , zi puts in Changjiang Delta guesthouse 's charge, grow big public house of dragon of in relief gold, guesthouse of chaste tree lotus (Yichang) , guesthouse of eaves of Yun county gold, fierce protects guesthouse when hill money, fierce is become restaurant of hill old battalion, guesthouse of Jing Zhouwen star, guesthouse of hill of Chan of public security county, guesthouse of chaste tree Hunan (Jing Zhou) , guesthouse of post and telecommunications (assist fencing) , silver-colored garden cafe (assist fencing) , guesthouse of old bayou of old bayou city, zhang Shui Jinghu goes vacationing south village, protect guesthouse of health hot spring, favour the day that impose a state yuan guesthouse, favour the Badongbin that impose a state house, money center guesthouse () of Shen Nong Jia.

One star class (3) : Grow in relief guesthouse, favour guesthouse of the hydrology that impose a state, happy palace of Hanjiang water upper reaches (assist fencing) .

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