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American Hua Ping invests to become a shareholder gigantic " 7 days " chain hote

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What American China averages dollar of ten million of investment group above is gigantic endowment, become a shareholder 7 days the hotel interlinks a group. If the home lands Nasidake successfully,this is afterwards later, abroad fund undertakes to Chinese < economy hotel large-scale odd pen invests first degrees. The reporter learned yesterday, group of American China flat investment is carried gigantic endowment become a shareholder 7 days hotel. "Hua Ping becomes a shareholder this to change the throughout the country that conduces to 7 days position. " Zheng Nayan of CEO of 7 days of hotels discloses say, the relevant item that 3 ground of Changsha, Wuhan, Beijing exceed 10 chain store in all already negotiate, if successful, a few inn will be in 2007 practice of the beginning of the year. To investing the amount of capital, relevant controller states inconvenience discloses, express only " exceed ten million dollar " .

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