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The path shallow analyse of the management of world optimal restaurant

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1. uses geographical dominant position, build hotel environment

1.1 situation are advantageous

10 beautiful restaurant of 1990 year world are some of town hotel that is located in world famous city, and be be located in the optimal place of this city, or stand by the most flourishing shopping centre, or as vestigial as some history or adjacent of photograph of famous places and historical sites, or in the scenery attractive place. Name of head of world optimal restaurant the retainer of Number One Scholar -- the Oriental restaurant of Bangkok, in a when be located in the road of ave stone Long Jun with most flourishing Bangkok quiet alley, with the scenery the river austral beautiful Mei is companion. The hotel of the four seasons of hamburger is located in the Aersite that stands by shopping centre lakefront, (Alster Lake) , as great as famous hamburger theater is only of two buildings lie between. The Wen Hua hotel of Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong center main business, shopping area, with day star dock (Star Ferry) apart is very close, and the peninsula hotel over there and beautiful brilliant hotel travel in 9 dragon area, no matter still arrive to shopping centre,visit the land, walk to all can arrive. Parisian Bulisituoer restaurant and in at present restaurant is in the place with the most attractive Paris.

1.2 structures style is distinctive

Review 1990 10 beautiful restaurant of world are the mark other people with some famous city mostly, have a plenty of an old building, its itself is memento, although be to build,build with eyewitness; some of the history scenic spot, dan Xiongwei is grand, can reflect new era science, technology and spirit. Have milepost sense, li of at present restaurant of Paris ever was this in the · of the most crackajack Sa of hotel home a place of strategic importance on the world in those days the peninsula public house that establishs; Hong Kong is grand and grand, it is the testimony of 60 old phylogeny of Hong Kong, it is known as is a kind of activator, make 9 dragon development makes industry of a modern trade, entertainment and industrial central division, it resembles a magnet again, attract the tourist in a steady stream of the remotest corners of the earth ceaselessly come. The hotel of hamburger the four seasons that has nearly hundred years history goes stand in quiet lakefront, resemble an old and beautiful palace; Bangkok simply the building design of Oriental restaurant is craftsmanship carries alone more, this hotel building is inside the garden, tropical vegetation is lush and green, over platform Yu He, water is in stage indelicacy. There is fountain, miniascape inside the building, the free that enter a building watchs scene of the river austral abide, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person, it is really metropolitan medium recreational ground, quite one is plant " in be troubled by static " experience, more wonderful is, in all guest room of this restaurant, no matter be in which, toward wh which direction, can see the river austral beautiful abide, by window overlook, of myriad of the change on the great river that gallop hoist the sails houseboat, all all can stop eye ground, the prospect that sees naturally severally can be distinguished somewhat again. The old warehouse that is located in Tokyo hive restaurant, it is the world one young is compared in optimal restaurant, but it however modern building art and the Japanese art of all sorts of traditions ably confluence is together, restaurant appears grand all the more, baronial, concordant, elegant. The beautiful brilliant old hotel of Hong Kong, just built 1980, make without what thing over the guest causes the yearning to old past, but it gives of people is contemporary luxurious, contemporary comfortable, contemporary enjoyment. The building of restaurant, style, atmosphere and service reflect a restaurant author very outstandingly the understanding of tradition of square to Chinese and Western culture and clever union.
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