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World luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei is pushed in March characteristic meal act

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Come from March 1, 2007 on March 31, shanghai world luxuriant the meal activity that the thrust of chef team bend that hotel of royal Ai Mei leads by administrative total hutch Mr Quan Sifan gives a series of rich individual character, stay for you hard the spring of dismiss from one's mind in March.

The dining-room in Ai Meixuan - spring in March, 100 change fim concentration / daily (lunch and dinner)

Beginning of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, ai Meixuan advocate Luo Yelin's master brings hutch " 100 change fim is handpick " the friends that let favore fim have an opportunity to taste the fim high-quality goods with savor authentic simple but elegant. Come from March 1 on March 31, the kitchen division of the 57 people that by Luo Shi teach leads shows bend strength on fim chooses menu especially, abound the 100 fim that change delicate, and the spring that the price of super privilege and the exclusive distinguishing feature that do not collect service fee will bring you a healthy quality in March.

The health of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person is delicate Hu Zhusheng of columbine egg sea coils, wine of wing of Bao of wing of wing of hook of imperial crown gold, Tan Jiaguan government office, Yun Tun chicken, magpie gives birth to bone of wing, shark Shang Cai bravery is stewed.

Each every dish price rises 280 yuan from the RMB to the RMB 580 yuan between, "100 change fim is handpick " 12 cooked food that menu includes Luo Shi teach to choose meticulously, dining-room not collection serves expense. If need to inquire or be booked, dial hotel phone 86(21)33189999 to turn please 7700.

Dining-room of Italy of law Wo Lai - Sa and Italian face self-help / mix every Saturday weekday (lunch and dinner)

Dining-room of Italy of law Wo Lai is a vigor 4 shoot, the Italian dining-room with bright color. Dining-room can offer 110 people at the same time at the same time have dinner, 3 private meal area include an area of unique wine cellar meal. Fawolaidi offers a guest delicate, seasonal Italian cate. The kitchen area cooking that opening type with new raw material and reveal. From March, every weekend, you can taste the Italy with delicate savor be equal to Sa self-help, by ligneous fire for instance oven can make Fruttidimare, a Sa of Margherita and Napoli gust.

The self-help of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person is delicate have abstain young face to match face of fresh tomato and basil juice, pen container to match bright banger tomato juice and caramel onion, Paermasheng ham, sesame seed dish and Mo Zalai pull Zhi person be equal to Sa. 128 yuan of free have every net price include a cup of soft drinks. If need to inquire or be booked, dial hotel phone 86(21)33189999 to turn please 7786.

Dining-room of Ai Lou France / lunch of day-to-day business affairs

France advocate gentleman of 10 thousand Michael gets hutch greatly large kitchen GeorgeBlanc passes SamSung Mi Jilin really, be the same as French south and Mediterranean cate its distinctive cooking technology be in harmony to be able to be together, for Ai Lou dining-room founded distinctive cate is artistic. Dining-room week comes Zhou Wu is special the business affairs formula that rolls out for business affairs guest is contracted rough however every, the formula price RMB of two type 128 yuan and RMB of price of 3 type formula 168 yuan (adscititious 15 % serve cost) .
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