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Shareholder plenary meeting approves Hilton 26 billion dollar of hotel general i

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Hilton hotel (Hilton Hotels) expressed a few days ago, the support that comes from partner has been this company evaluate 26 billion dollar sells to firm of private and direct investment 100 be an official tell a group (before interpret is Hei Shi group) clear away road.

This company says in a statement, the partner of more than 98% is voting support should trade, predict to will be finished before the bottom in October this trades.

The real estate that hotel group told group division to fall with 100 be an official in July reachs Hilton fund of enterprise illicit collect comes to an agreement, up to the price of 26 billion dollar sells the company 100 be an official tell a group. Buying Hilton is 100 be an official tell a group to march hotel industry and in a series of adopted large actions newest one, hilton will be merged into the hotel that 100 be an official open and go vacationing in village business. In the last few years, the LXR that 100 be an official connect group division to fall is luxurious the hotel begins to take shape, this group still bought the chain hotel La Quinta Corp of medium dimensions during. .

Hilton is one of hotel groups with the biggest whole world, 2800 hotels are owned in 76 countries and area, guest room 480 thousand, its employee number reachs 100 thousand person.

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