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Forbes exposure of hotel of 10 days of big price of world

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Name: Mi Gaomei big public house

Place: Lasiweijiasimi is tall plum square

Collect fees: 5000 dollars every night

The hotel that is located on square of rice tall plum followed in structure style respect 18 centuries Italy style of villa of Sa of Buddha Luo Lun. The 29 clients service center in the hotel has his director, round-the-clock 24 hours at any time on call. Extremely in using up costly hotel inner room, include a luxurious restaurant, an among them kitchen basically is aimed at a private swimming-pool and hot spring center and two kitchens —— Asian gust, another isEuropeGust, the kitchen awaits the meal of the user to book at any time. Actually every night the consumption of 5000 dollars can give you a deserted room only, among them service charge wants additional collection. In Mi Gaomei big public house, the smallest villatic area is 2900 square foot (1 foot adds up to 0.3 meters of) about, the biggest be as high as 9000 square foot (every night the price is 15000 dollars) .

Name: Hotel of boreal island Seychelles

The position: Seychelles republic

Collect fees: 3217 dollars two people everyday

Boreal island is Seychelles republicTravelBethel, be located inAfricaNear the archipelago of bank of the East China Sea. The hotel is daily the beverage that resident included in collecting fees and have dinner charge () of specific champagne except. The hotel is allegedly all 7 villa are made completely by handiwork of Seychelles place craftsman, among them the area is the smallest for 4890 square foot. There are two shower rooms in every villa, additionally TV of air conditioning, satellite is mixed the equipment everything needed is ready such as Internet. The food that this hotel provides is very big the plant that comes from this locality partly and herbal garden.

Name: Seychelles republic nots island of Lei Ge spy (Fregate) hotel

The position: Seychelles republic nots island of Lei Ge spy (belong to private and all)

The price: 2482 dollars two people everyday

The island is Fuleigete German businessman abstruse special · Ha Peier is all, it is the resort of another place travel of Seychelles republic churchyard, also be billionaire people the another place choice of travel. 2482 dollars two people everyday the price does not include the surtax of 15% and service to collect fees, do not forget Fuleigete please nevertheless private isle goes vacationing 16 of the village

Villa is in can contain about 40 visitors at the same time only. Two bedrooms include in each villa, one massages a bathroom, bathroom of bath of a sun and additionally two common. Among them some bathrooms can face beautiful nature directly. Enter charge in, included 3 eat and other soft drinks. Want of course from Seychelles republic advocate insular horse Yi (Mahi) arrives at Fuleigete the island is not an easy thing, the plane ticket cost of travel busy season often is as high as 2000 dollars.
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